Kia Ora!
(Hello in New Zealand)

I’m Erin Keam and I’m from New Zealand. I’m now based in Seattle, though I’ve worked with clients worldwide. I offer style transformation and coaching for women who want to reconnect with or define what they resonate with and integrate that into their wardrobes and lives. As a female solopreneur, I also work with other women entrepreneurs to up-level their style and play on a bigger stage. Your story informs your clothing choices - let's make it a powerful one. 

I’m so happy you’re here! Reach out, I want to hear about the wardrobe of your dreams. I'll help you get there. 

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My Story...


I’ve changed my style continuously over the last few decades (yes, that’s decades) depending on the country, the lifestyle, trends, interests and love affairs, but I always dressed true to myself.

Before I had my Method epiphany (thank you tropical rain storm in Hawaii) I was doing other things...

  • Thirty years of experience in people-focused fields such as communications, advertising, marketing, teaching, public relations, events and the media. 
  • More importantly…twenty years volunteering in the self-development and recovery field.

Both environments taught me skills to dress in a way that reflected what I love and value. And I learned I could share my experience and “wardrobe wisdom” with other women!

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In my personal and professional life I was having a ton of fun with clothes and it showed.
“Dress Happy” was my call to action for all my women friends

This lead to The Happy Wardrobe Method…

So, why did my background qualify me to be your “wardrobe therapist” and a stylist like no other?

Both my paid and unpaid vocations required psychology, data & personality analysis, teaching, mentoring, research, application of life skills, mindset tools and hard-earned experience.

And it all applied to getting dressed!

Once I realized there was a system behind how I helped women to find their one-of-a-kind style, I tested my Method over and over, getting feedback on what had the most impact, whether results were lasting (they were) and if it was enjoyable? (It was).


And it worked!…

Over time I perfected self-discovery exercises to guide clients in identifying their unique themes, needs, values and beliefs around clothing.

Using theses insights, we’d create their personal Style Statement. No two were the same, and I loved seeing the joy that came from the validation of how beautiful and precious they were.

Style Statement awareness gave women confidence in their fashion decisions and shifted their mindset as well. There were “aha” moments that were lasting and had ripple effects across their lives, not just their wardrobes.

If you want to find out more about my Method and start to Dress Happy, book a free Kia Ora Call (see the section below). We will have so much fun!

Let’s chat…

I delight in helping women remember who they are, how unique, fabulous and precious they are!! I would love to meet you, and help you design your Happy Wardrobe and a life you love…let’s have a chat and see how I can support you!

Who do I work with?

I work with women seeking positive change and who value self care. If you need to develop that, I’m here to help. You deserve time and attention – and to look and feel great!

If you’ve just gone through (or are about to) go through a transition, you’ll find that creating your Style Statement will empower you to move forward.

Knowing what truly resonates with you at this time in your life gives you clarity, confidence and guides you on your journey.

Plus, you’ll be able to let go of clothing that no longer serves you and wear clothing that you love. 

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Wear Happy!

I believe that every woman has style themes just waiting to be uncovered that are unique to her. I also believe that women deserve to wear clothes that express who they truly are and to enjoy getting dressed without decision fatigue or regret. I want every woman to say to her friends “Wear Happy!”

Happy, fulfilled women who are moving toward meaningful lives are the best thing that can happen to this planet. We need women who dress happy, live happy. I help women project their own style so they can create positive change.

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