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Venu Sareen, lawyer and Mom of Shiv and Om. Creative writer who doesn't want to talk about it, but is really, really good. 

Jenn Taylor, The Naked Podcaster, Mom of 18

Wendy Heider, teacher, farmer, lover of Guemes Island. 

Maggie Knowles, Money Coach, Senior Finances Consultant, Speaker and Improv for Business. 


Susan’s Story

“Who doesn’t need help with their wardrobe? What I got was not what I expected. It was so much more!

We began with what “things” in my home make me happy, from coasters, to candles to calendars. It was so much fun, going around the house with that in mind. We ended with the wardrobe and I only picked out the clothing, accessories or shoes that made me happy. Amazing how I could immediately point to those items which made me wonder what all those OTHER things were doing in my closet! She helped “name” where I was going with colors for living and clothing. As a result, my remodeled home reflects what I came to understand what I needed at our first meeting!

As you can tell, as I am transitioning to the “new me” in the last third of my life, Erin’s help was invaluable!

Susan, recovery companion and lover of red dresses with polka dots. 

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